Katie Moritz


Graphic Designer & Photographer

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Hello!  I'm Katie Moritz and I am a graphic designer. The most common question I get when I tell people that is, "What does a graphic designer do?"

Well, the short answer is, "I move pixels around on a computer screen."

However, if you've found your way here, my guess is you're probably looking for the longer answer. I design web graphics, web sites, product packaging, as well as printed materials like business cards, brochures, magazine and newspaper ads. Sometimes I work alone from start to finish.  More often, I work directly with clients to produce a unique result that reflects my design expertise as well as my client's personality and wishes.

My services can be as simple as touching up a few photos.  They can also be as extensive and project assessment & planning, custom photography, video, one-on-one design, web development, printing and production.

Why hire a designer?

Simply put, you can't afford not to.


Designers save you time.

Graphic design is a creative, but very technical field. Just like you know your field of work, a good graphic designer is a professional in their field who has taken the time to understand the many technicalities of their work. Spend your time doing what you do well. Chances are that time you spend doing your job (instead of designing your own website/brochure/logo) will make you twice as much money as a designer will cost.

Designers make you look good and stand out.

Whatever it is that you do for a living, you've probably worked very hard to get where you are. Why let yourself down in one of the final and most crucial steps of your business process?  Having great professional branding and promotional materials will improve your image and set you apart from your competitors.

Designers will save you money.

Aside from making you money, a good designer knows the technical ins and outs of getting a project complete.  Without that, you are subject to all sorts of problems during production (which can be very expensive). Designers also have more inside knowledge of printing costs and can help you get better products for a lower price. 




Here's some stuff I do.

Logos & Branding

Product Packaging Design

Advertisement Design

Creative Troubleshooting

Web Design

Static Web Development

Wordpress Web Development

Promotional Materials

Custom Photography

Production Management

Flash Animation

Page Layout

Screen Print Design


Freelance Graphic Designer –2008-Current

Lead Designer at BMC Worldwide Ad Agency – 2010-2013

Computer Aided Drafting Technician – 2001-2008


Masters of Management - Design & Media: Morris Graduate School of Management - 2014

Bachelors of Applied Science Graphic Design: Robert Morris University Summa Cum Laude - 2012






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Katie is a multiple award winning hammered dulcimer player with over 20 years of musical experience.

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