Project: ICSW Promo Video

In February of 2013 I was given a grad-school assignment to executive produce a video for the Institute for Clinical Social work.  I was given a team of people to work with and then worked one on one with the marketing coordinator for ICSW for 10 weeks to create a 2.5 minute video promoting a new graduate program they are rolling out.

In any project, my goal is always to get an idea for who the client is and what it is they are selling.  It's always a perk when I feel like I can really relate to their mission and visualize what they want.  This video was a challenge in many ways because the client wanted something conceptual that would tell a story incorporating both a prospective student, as well as a patient, but they absolutely did not want "talking heads"...which is the typical go-to method for promoting an institute of higher education.

The role I played was all encompassing.  Along with managing all client interactions, I filmed quite a lot of video footage, scheduled all the shoots with the cast, client, and production team, handled the scriptwriting, did all of the audio-recording and sound editing, completed the majority of video editing, and managed a team of 8 others who also provided video footage, casting assistance, design, animations, and brainstorming input.

Client: Institute for Clinical Social Work

Promoting: Master's Degree in Clinical Counseling and Psychotherapy

Target Audience: College graduates between 25-40.  People who want to help people. Women looking for a graduate program that focuses on clinical interaction rather than assessment.

Client Direction: No talking heads.  No cartoons. Focus on concentrated target audience.  This isn't for everyone!