Matt & Jen Engagement Shoot

 A while back, my good friend Matt got engaged to Jen and asked me to do some engagement photos for them.  Matt and I worked together for a couple years and went to school together before that, but with working multiple jobs, juggling clients, and everything else life throws at you, it took us well over a year to finally get together and complete this engagement shoot.  It's a good thing they're having a long engagement!

I know they both love black and white photography, and while I always try to get the best color photos I can, i found these two look pretty great in black and white!

It was rainy and cold, so we were pressed to find sheltered areas with plenty of light.  I also had an LED light for shooting video with.  My husband Rob was kind enough to tag along and help me with lighting throughout the morning.  Everyone was a great sport about the weather though.

The only problem I kept running into with them is that Matt was constantly acting goofy and Jen was constantly laughing really hard.  Personally, I think that's a great "problem" to have.  They are a great couple and I can't think of two people better suited to be husband and wife.

Screenshot 2014-01-07 11.02.10.png