High Gloss and Flat Accent Wall

For decorating my office, I decided to do a cool technique with high gloss paint and flat paint.  I purchased the same color in both textures and painted the entire wall with flat yellow.  Then I got to work taping off the diamond pattern.  I didn't have any stencils or anything, so I used a 15" square canvas print I had and a mechanical pencil.  I started out with a level to make sure when I put the canvas on the wall, it was not crooked.  Then I marked a small dot at each corner.  After a few diamonds, I didn't need the level anymore because I could just line the canvas up with the dots I'd already made.  Then I taped off the diamonds and used the high gloss paint to fill in a checker board pattern.

After that, I just painted the rest of the room a bright white.

For the rest of the room, I bought IKEA table tops and some square shelves.  I got REALLY lucky with the size.  The two shelves and two table tops just barely fit....and it was a tight squeeze.  But it almost looks like it's custom fit!

All in all, I'm really pleased with this office set up. My husband and I each have out own cubicle and there is plenty of storage too!