2016 ODPC Funfest Shirt

I didn't do as good of a job documenting this process as I did with the 2015 shirt.  I wound up using a few of the drawings I'd done the year before.   The guitar, mountain dulcimer, and violin are essentially derived from the same original sketches.  Occasionally being a digital file hoarder pays off.   I did have to do most of this design from scratch. 

I had several ideas for this t-shirt, but this one seemed most likely to get executed.

Again, I did a real bang up job of documenting this project (note my sarcasm).  Essentially I followed a similar process to my 2015 shirt.  I used scanned sketches in photoshop to arrange my composition.  Then I printed them out (fairly large this time) and used a light table and pen to create clean, uniform linework that matched in style and consistency.  I didn't want this design to be as sketchy looking as the 2015 shirt, so the media I used was not quite the same.

Once I had my linework, I knew this would be a two color design and that I wanted all of the drawings to be one color, and the border and text to be the second color.

To the left is the initial composition for placement.  This is what I used for tracing with the light table.   

Above is the finished two color screen printing design.

Personally, I happen to prefer 1 and two color t-shirts, but I included a full color version of this design just for poops and giggles.  It certainly had an appeal to it.  Turned out the ODPC loved the full color version and chose to go with a full color t-shirt.

I did not purchase any lighter colors of this t-shirt.  The color count was ultimately reduced to about 7....which is ok.  Initially, I was pretty unhappy with the print job, but it was out of my hands.  Someone at the printer decided to get creative and add a big thick black border to all the text.  Big thick borders around text is one of my designer pet peeves...and something I probably tend to be a bit snobby about. It looked pretty atrocious to me on the lighter colors.  Nobody likes to put a lot of work into something, only to have a stranger go in and put their mark on the final product.    But time heals all wounds! That's graphic design. The shirt sold exceptionally well, even in lighter colors!  I've been told they were the most well received t-shirts ever presented...so what did I know anyhow? ;-)