Advanced Hammered Dulcimer


UPDATE 3/11/15:  I have added a video showing Tico Tico, as requested. I have also uploaded a NEW version of the sheet music for download that included the chords.

In this workshop, a variety of ideas will be presented in the effort to help participants reach the next level of musicianship.  Advanced players will already understand the basics of chording and rhythm, and will have a repertoire of tunes in their arsenal.  So, this workshop will focus a lot on tips and tricks for making the tunes you play sound “cooler” by exploiting the nature of the dulcimer and its unique layout.  We will touch on how to add chromatic runs to melodies, syncopated shuffles, chord substitutions, and how to arrange tunes and make them your own.

We will also begin to learn Tico Tico, which is an exercise in dexterity, timing, chromatics, chord comprehension, and stamina.  Sheet music and online video aids will be provided to participants.




ATTN: Frank

Here's the stuff we discussed.  This is the shittiest video of all time...but it'll give you an idea on Tico.  I also included an old version of Tico that I liked and used a lot when I was arranging this tune for HD.

Tico Tico Begins at 1:30

Katie Moritz & Skip Sittig (guitar) - Mardi Gras Party Moon River, Tico Tico, Cherokee Shuffle & Red Wing

Another idea?

Here's another tune a couple friends of mine recorded that could be kinda cool with pan. I have a couple recordings, one with 2 dulcimers, and one with dulcimer and guitar.  I've only played backup on it, but the melody is pretty easy and very open, so I could go either way.