Intermediate 2: Buckeye Dulcimer Festival

UPDATE:  I've uploaded a video that demonstrates the rhythm and hammer pattern we discussed after lunch.  It is using the same chord progression we worked on.

UPDATE 2:  Thanks to Phyllis' great recommendation, I have updated the sheet music for "Fly Me to the Moon" to end on a C major chord.  You may download that music below.  

This workshop will focus on number techniques and exercises that can help bridge the gap between an intermediate and an advanced player.  We will cover, in depth, a variety of topics.  In order to develop a further understanding of chords, we will learn a “Circle of 5ths” chord progression, which will incorporate 4 different types of chords (major, minor, dominant 7, and diminished). 


We will explore how to incorporate different rhythms into chording as well as melodies.  We’ll take this extended understanding of chords and rhythm and use that to work out a 2 part (Duet) arrangement.  Participants will exercise hand independence, rhythm, and playing “outside the box” (playing across the entire instrument).

Here is a video which incorporates this progression and shows how it supports a number of popular tunes.