Katie Moritz and Lisa Ferguson, both national hammer dulcimer champions, have combined their two different playing styles and influences to create a driving new sound on two hammered dulcimers. Backing up the two dulcimers with impeccable rhythms on percussion and drums is Stephen Humphries (also a national hammer dulcimer champion).

Kaleidoscope has been featured in Dulcimer Players News Magazine, as well as on

Katie Moritz: Hammered Dulcimer
Lisa Ferguson: Hammered Dulcimer
Stephen Humphries: Percussion
Mike Schwebke: Steel Pan (After Midnight)

Engineered by Stephen Seifert

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Other Recordings

Five Foot Two

This is my first venture in sound engineering. I recorded the vocals and 'ukulele on one of my favorite tunes. Skip Sittig played bass and guitar.

Katie Moritz - Vocals & Ukulele
Skip Sittig - Guitar & Bass

Featured on Spirito Singers Christmas CD