Project: The Entrance of Sound Re-design

Original Artwork (click to enlarge)

Joshua Messick released this album several years back and the original cover art was...chaotic, to say the least.  The music on this CD is very pure and meaningful. Josh has really mastered the art of not only playing the hammered dulcimer, but recording it (which is not easy!) The Entrance of Sound is, as he calls it, 100% natural sound.

When it came time to re-run more of these CD's, Josh came to me looking for something simpler in an eco-friendly, cardboard sleeve. He also wanted to utilize his new logo emblem, which was designed by the brilliant, Kyle Paxton.

The music on this CD is conceptual and Josh is quite new-age sounding. My goal was to mirror that in the design.  As the natural and authentic sound of the dulcimer transforms silence into a audio mirage of sympathetic vibrations, you see the dark, colorless waves become vibrant and full of life.

For this disc, I wanted to keep it minimal, and for that reason, I kept the disc-face the same as the cover of the cardboard sleeve.  Check out Josh's music here!