Five Foot Two

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 In the Spring of 2013, I decided I wanted to learn a bit more about audio recording.  Being very limited on time, I inquired about taking applied Studio Recording (private lessons) at Waubonsee, which is right next to my house. One semester of study allowed me access to the recording studio at the college whenever I could reserve the room, and private lessons equipped me with a few of the basics.

In the end, I am glad I made time to fit this project into my schedule.  I don't see a career of sound engineering in my future, but the parallels between that job, and my current career really inspired me to improve in other areas of my profession. Of course, I took the opportunity, while in the studio, to take some photographs of the super neat-o equipment and gear!

I've been told that the hammered dulcimer is a really tough instrument to own endeavors would indicate this as well.  It may be that I am extra critical of my own playing, but I didn't come up with any dulcimer tracks worth sharing here.  I did, however, record this cute piece on 'ukulele with my friend Skip Sittig!  

I have a new respect for people who can sing with flawless pitch.  I don't have a "singers" voice...but I've always thought I could carry a tune all right. I was surprised at how hard it was to not sound really really bad. 

I did the vocals and played the 'ukulele.  Skip played guitar and upright bass.