Project: Senior Exhibit

I graduated from RMU in February of 2012.  During my final weeks as a student, preparation for my senior exhibit dominated my time.  I submitted 12 printed pieces total. The pieces represented illustration, photography, layout design, typography, and multi-media.  All were accepted and displayed at the State Street Gallery in Chicago, IL. The gallery purchased all of them, however I chose to keep a few of the pieces including the three large bird ladies.


I was responsible for printing and framing all of my submissions. Printing and trimming was a fun thing to do.  I have annoyingly short arms, which made the framing process a little difficult.  Many of my pieces were 50" tall, so building the frames and getting the prints into them unscathed was...interesting.


I wasn't able to attend the opening night of the exhibit because I was in Chattanooga recording a CD with Lisa Ferguson.  But I did finally make it out to see the gallery in April. Many of my pieces had prime placement.  Including a photograph I call "Duck Butt", which was amusingly placed above the water fountains.