Tuning Hammered Dulcimer

This is a comprehensive series on tuning a hammered dulcimer.  The purpose here is to provide reference for my beginner dulcimer students. I realize this is pretty boring to watch 45 minutes, but tuning takes time. As you get better, it will not take nearly as much time and you won't have to do it as often. For this video, I chose to work with an instrument that is unfamiliar to me because as a beginner, your instrument may not feel entirely familiar to you yet.

About a day after this video, I touched it up again and the kinks seemed to have worked themselves out. I tend to get obsessive, but the goal is to get it to sound good and to be able to play well with others if you need to. Don't freak out! The more you tune, the easier it will get. As you keep up with it, you'll train your instrument and it will start staying in tune longer and need tuning less often.

The instrument in this video is a delightful sounding Huddleson HD300 Hammered Dulcimer.

Disclaimer: If you are not a student of mine and somewhere along the line someone told you to do things differently than the way I am showing, do what works for you. Seriously, this stuff doesn't need to be controversial.  If your instrument is in tune at the end of it, then you do "you".